The new "Freed" compact minivan
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A screen for the function to support driving through an intersection
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The new "Freed" compact minivan can come with a safe driving support system using "advanced optical beacons" that the National Police Agency is deploying across Japan.

The Freed was released by Honda Motor Co Ltd Sept 16, 2016.

By using data on speed limits and traffic signals obtained from advanced optical beacons and data on the location and speed of the user's vehicle obtained from the GPS (global positioning system) of the vehicle's car navigation system, the driving support system realizes three functions to support (1) driving through an intersection, (2) decelerating at a yellow light and (3) warning of a delayed start.

With the first function, when the system judges that the user's car can pass through an intersection in front of it with a green light, the system shows a recommended speed on a display in the car. With the second function, when the system judges that the traffic light will turn red until the car passes through the intersection, it shows a message encouraging the driver to decelerate the car. Neither of the functions is activated when the car is running at a speed exceeding the speed limit.

With the third function, when the car is waiting for the traffic light to change, the remaining time of the red light is shown on the display to help the driver start moving the car without delay.

The Freed is the second vehicle equipped with the safe driving support system, after the Accord Hybrid sedan that Honda partially remodeled and released May 26, 2016.