Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd (DNP) developed a palm-sized lighting device that projects various patterns such as arrows, symbols, etc several meters away.

It is expected to be used for evacuation guidance in public facilities, warning notice in factories, projection mapping for buildings, etc.

The newly-developed lighting device and a displayed pattern (source: DNP)

This time, DNP developed a device capable of displaying high-resolution patterns by using a micro-fabrication technology that controls the direction of displayed light. It is possible to adjust the distances of projected patterns at the time of designing the device.

For example, the device can be used for guiding people to a factory, parking area, etc by displaying arrows. When the device is mounted on a robot, it can show the existence of the robot. Moreover, DNP expects that the device will be used for showing warning signs in tunnels, showing route guidance in stadiums and commercial facilities and replacing digital signage devices.

The power consumption of the device is low, and it can be powered by batteries.

It can be used for route guidance in factories, parking areas, etc. (source: DNP)

The device mounted on "Secom Robot X2," Secom Co Ltd's autonomous monitoring robot (source: DNP)

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