The new "Freed" compact minivan
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The length of the "Freed" compact minivan, which Honda Motor Co Ltd released Sept 16, 2016, is 50mm longer than that of the previous model. As a result, its interior space is larger than that of Toyota Motor Corp's "Sienta," the archrival of the Freed.

The dimensions of the new Freed are 4,265 (L) x 1,695 (W) x 1,710mm (H), and its wheelbase is 2,740mm. Its length and height are 50mm longer and 5mm shorter than those of the previous model. The width and wheelbase are the same as those of the previous model.

In addition to the longer length, the distance between the hip point (seating position) of the first row of seats and that of the third row was increased by 90mm. The sliding distance of the second row was increased by 120mm. And the distance between the driver's and front passenger's seats was increased by 50mm, making it easier to move from the first to second/third row of seats.

Compared with the Sienta, the length, height and wheelbase of the Freed are 30mm longer, 35mm higher and 10mm shorter, respectively. The width of the Freed is the same as that of the Sienta.

With the longer length and higher height, the interior space of the Freed is larger than that of the Sienta, Honda said. Also, the wheelbase of the Freed is narrower than that of the Sienta so that the Freed can be easily driven on narrow paths in urban areas.