New Device Predicts Impact of Light Reflected From Solar Panels

2016/09/16 18:35
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The "Rifureku San" under development
"Simple checking with AR"

Fulleyes Co Ltd announced Sept 12, 2016, that it will release a measurement instrument capable of making predictions on the light reflected from residential solar panels.

The instrument, "Rifureku San," is targeted at contractors and will be released in November 2016. Fulleyes (Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture) is a company that develops and sells measurement instruments for construction and solar power generation.

After inputting necessary data such as the orientation of the roof and the size of the solar panel to be installed in the instrument, pictures are taken from the roof. When a window is specified, it is possible to calculate whether light reflected from solar panels will hit the window.

The results can be checked in several minutes after climbing onto the roof. And the instrument does not need to be connected to a personal computer, etc.

The Rifureku San comes with two major functions: "simple checking with AR (augmented reality)" and "detailed checking with a graph."

With the simple checking with AR, by inputting necessary data, placing the measurement instrument on the roof and looking around, the state of light reflection in the surrounding area can be checked with AR. Only the areas irradiated with reflected light are colored in AR. Green areas are irradiated with reflected light in a short period of time. As the color changes from yellow to red, the duration of irradiation increases.

Moreover, when an image of the target window is taken and its frame is selected, the state of light reflection can be shown as a graph. The graph shows the months, dates and times when light reflected from solar panels hits the window during a year. Also, the longest duration of irradiation per day, the average duration per day and the degree of the risk of the installation are displayed.