Taiyo Holdings, Town Collaborate in Regional Revitalization

2018/09/07 16:24
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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"Ranzan Floating Solar Power Plant" (source: Nikkei BP)

Taiyo Holdings Co Ltd concluded an "agreement on comprehensive partnership concerning regional revitalization" with Ranzan-machi (town in Saitama Prefecture, Japan), where its major bases are located, Sept 3, 2018.

With the comprehensive partnership, Taiyo Holdings and the town aim to realize regional revitalization by cooperating with each other in various fields related to regional revitalization.

Specifically, they will cooperate in (1) the energization of new industries and agriculture and the expansion of job opportunities, (2) the improvement of popularity and the increase in residential population and the number of visitors, (3) the expansion of opportunities for marriage, the support for pregnancy, childbirth, child health and forward-looking child-rearing and the enhancement of educational environments, (4) the enhancement of facilities around Musashiranzan Station (train station) and the promotion of environments full of nature, (5) the promotion of safe, secure public facilities and the enhancement of traffic safety, crime prevention, fire prevention and disaster prevention and (6) other things related to the promotion of regional revitalization.

The Taiyo Holdings group has three bases in Ranzan-machi. They are (1) Taiyo Holdings Ranzan Office (research center), (2) Taiyo Green Energy Co Ltd, which runs food and energy businesses, and (3) Taiyo Ink Mfg Co Ltd (production base).

Thus far, in addition to job creation, the group has been involved in activities rooted in the local community by, for example, participating in local festivals and volunteer activities, installed a day care center that even residents living in surrounding areas can use, run a restaurant near the train station, organized "children's restaurant" and promoted agriculture using abandoned farmland.

In regard to the renewable energy business of the group, it developed and operates the 1.15MW "Ranzan Floating Solar Power Plant" floating solar power plant on the surface of a reservoir in the town. Also, on a reservoir adjacent to the main factory of Taiyo Ink Mfg, the group runs the 318kW "Ranzan Onuma Floating Solar Power Plant" floating solar power plant (See related article).