The new Impreza features enhanced safety functions.
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The new Impreza will be equipped with seven kinds of airbags as standard features to protect passengers at the time of collision.

The new Impreza will be released by Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) Ltd in the fall of 2016. The airbags are (1) a knee airbag for the driver's seat, (2) normal airbags for the driver's and front passenger's seats, (3) right and left side airbags and (4) right and left curtain airbags.

This is the first time that FHI has employed a knee airbag for a vehicle in the Impreza series. It reduces impact on the lower limbs of the driver in the case of a front-end collision. The side airbags and curtain airbags are used to protect front and rear passengers at the time of a lateral collision.

Also, the new Impreza will be the first vehicle in Japan that has been equipped with an airbag for protecting pedestrians (See related article). And it will come with the "Eyesight ver 3" driving assistance system using a stereo camera as a standard feature for improving safety.