The 2017 model of the "GT-R"
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The muffler using Ti alloy
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Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp (NSSMC) announced Sept 2, 2016, that its titanium (Ti) alloy has been employed for the muffler of Nissan Motor Co Ltd's new "GT-R" sports car (2017 model).

The Ti alloy, "Super-TIX 10CU," is a Ti-Cu-based alloy made by adding 1.0 mass percent of copper (Cu) to Ti. NSSMC realized a room-temperature workability equivalent to that of pure Ti as well as a high-temperature strength two times higher than that of pure Ti by lowering the content ratio of oxygen (O) to a level equivalent to that of pure Ti and adding Cu.

The specific gravity of Ti is 4.5, which is about half that of iron (Fe). Because of the employment of Ti for the muffler, its mass was reduced by 5.5kg, compared with Nissan's stainless steel-based muffler (See related article). Also, the corrosion resistance of the new muffler is higher than that of the stainless steel muffler.