The USB port for the driver's seat of the new Serena
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The USB port for the second row of seats
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The new "Serena" minivan, which Nissan Motor Co Ltd released Aug 24, 2016, is what the company claims is the world's first vehicle that can be equipped with six USB ports.

Nissan responded to consumers' demand to use smartphones without running out of charge during long hours of driving. By inserting a USB cable to a USB port, a mobile phone, portable game console, etc can be charged.

Two USB ports can be attached to each row of seats. In the first row, USB ports can be installed inside an openable/closable storage space between the instrument panel of the driver's seat and the steering wheel and another openable/closable storage space at the feet of the front passenger.

In the second row, USB ports can be available on the rear sides of the backrests of the first row of seats. In the third row, ports can be attached to the areas below the right and left windows.

The USB ports were positioned so that every passenger can reach at least one of them even when eight people are in the car. When a USB cable is connected to the USB port, the cable can be stored so that it does not get in the way.