Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd fully remodeled the "Tanto" light car and released it July 9, 2019.

For the new vehicle, Daihatsu offers an automatic high-beam headlight (whose light distribution can be changed) as an option. The headlight automatically switches between high and low beams so that its light does not dazzle the driver of a preceding or oncoming vehicle.

In the past, it was not possible to employ an automatic high-beam headlight for light cars because of its high cost. This time, Daihatsu reduced the cost by reviewing its structure and components. Koito Manufacturing Co Ltd developed the headlight based on the concept of Daihatsu.

The Tanto equipped with a headlight that can change the light distribution of high beam (source: Nikkei Automotive)

Part of its high beam is turned off by detecting the location of an oncoming or preceding vehicle. (source: Daihatsu)

When a light-distribution-changeable headlight detects an oncoming or preceding vehicle at the time of using high beam, it blocks part of light so that the light is not directed at the area in which the vehicle exists.

In general, it uses multiple horizontally-arranged LED chips for high beam and controls light distribution by turning off LED light that is directed at an area to which light should not be applied.

The LED light-distribution-changeable headlight employed by Daihatsu uses a similar mechanism. It uses a reflector method, and a horizontally-long high beam unit is placed in the lower part of the lamp. The area of high beam is separated roughly into four blocks, and each block is equipped with LED chips.

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