Towa Arcs supplies float mounting systems

The Float Solar Tokorozawa is a floating solar plant that started generating power in March 2017. Solar panels with a total output of 385.56kW were arrayed on the surface of "Matsugaoka reservoir" in Matsugaoka, Tokorozawa City. This reservoir was constructed in the wake of a large-scale housing development. And 1,224 solar panels float on about 4,296m2 of the approximately 11,616m2 total surface area when it is full.

Towa Arcs Co Ltd supplied its floating mounting systems in which steel mounting systems to attach panels are built on polyethylene floats.

Panels are attached to mounting systems made of highly corrosion-resistant alloy steel; these are assembled on the ground and built on the floats. The floats are stabilized against the wind and waves, being tied with the foundations at the bottom of the reservoir by a mooring system using ropes and chains (Fig. 7)

Fig. 7: Towa Arcs "floating mounting system" (source: Nikkei BP)

When developing the Float Solar Tokorozawa, the city listened to requests from residents in meetings. As a result, the city decided to give consideration to many waterfowl that use the reservoir, despite it being artificial. The water surface area covered by the panels was reduced to about a third of the entire surface. And "green artificial islands," on which trees were planted, were floated on the water (Fig. 8).

Fig. 8: Number of panels reduced in consideration of waterfowl (source: Nikkei BP)

Facility overview