Renewable energy ratio in the city to be boosted to 15%

According to Tokorozawa City, it is not easy to further increase the ratio of renewable energy by reducing its procurements from JEPX with the view to maintaining the supply-demand balance. Therefore, the city will aim to further increase the ratio of the renewable energy-based power supply in the city from the initial 6%.

Two power generators with a rated capacity of 2.5MW have been set up at the city's Tobu Clean Center (waste incineration plant). Generating power through steam turbine power generators using the steam discharged when burning waste, the plant sells the excess power after consuming generated power within the facility. It will start supplying power to Tokorozawa Future Electric Power in October 2018.

At Tobu Clean Center, the amount of power for sale is expected to rise with excess power increasing as electric ash melting facilities will be abolished in the future.

Tokorozawa City has already set up and started operating "Mega Solar Tokorozawa" and the "Float Solar Tokorozawa" with an output of about 1MW and 385kW, respectively (Fig. 2 & 3). Both power plants leveraged idle property in the city and the comprehensive lease method. The goal to achieve "the renewable energy ratio of 6% within the city" in fiscal 2019 is counting on electricity generated at the Float Solar Tokorozawa and Tobu Clean Center.

Fig. 2: Mega Solar Tokorozawa with output of about 1MW (source: Tokorozawa City)

Fig. 3: Float Solar Tokorozawa with output of about 385kW (source: Tokorozawa City)

Mega Solar Tokorozawa has concluded a wholesale agreement with other electric retailers, but will reportedly provide its electricity to Tokorozawa Future Electric Power after the contract expires in fiscal 2021. As a result, including the increased power sales by waste power generation at Tobu Clean Center, the ratio of renewable energy-based electricity in the city is expected to reach about 15%.