The "Escudo" compact SUV
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Its interior
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The 1.4L direct-injection turbo engine
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Suzuki Motor Corp released a 1.4L direct-injection turbo engine model of the "Escudo" compact SUV (sport utility vehicle) July 26, 2017.

Before the release of the new model, the Escudo came only with a 1.6L naturally-aspirated (NA) engine. This time, Suzuki added the 1.4L turbo engine model that features a higher driving performance than the 1.6L engine model. The new model is manufactured by Magyar Suzuki Corp, a Hungary-based subsidiary of Suzuki, and exported to Japan.

The newly-added K14C-type "Booster Jet Engine" is the same as the engine of the Vitara, the European model of the Escudo. It is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission (AT).

The maximum output and maximum torque of the 1.4L turbo engine model are 100kW and 210N·m, respectively, which are both higher than those of the 1.6L engine model. On the other hand, the fuel efficiency of the 1.4L turbo engine model is 16.8km/L (approx 39.5mpg) under the JC08 test mode, which is lower than that of the 1.6L engine model (17.4km/L).

The price of the turbo engine model is ¥2,586,600 (approx US$23,282, including tax), which is about ¥240,000 higher than that of the 1.6L engine model.