Solar Panels Installed at 80MW Solar Plant in Miyagi

2018/08/02 16:15
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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The ceremony to celebrate the installation of solar panels (source: Nikkei BP)
About 300,000 solar panels were installed on land that was damaged by a tsunami in Watari-cho, Miyagi Prefecture. (source: Nikkei BP)

A ceremony to celebrate the installation of solar panels took place at a solar power plant with an output of about 80MW in Watari-cho (town), Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, July 27, 2018.

For the mega (large-scale) solar power plant, "Watari Solar Power Plant," about 300,000 solar panels were installed on about 75ha of area damaged by a tsunami at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The total output of the solar panels is 79.548MW while the total rated output of PV inverters reached 49.3MW. The plant is one of the largest-scale solar power plants that have started to be constructed or started operation in the coastal area damaged by the tsunami. The power producer of the plant is Yamasa Co Ltd (Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture), which develops and sells amusement machines and leases airplanes.

The ceremony was participated in by about 30 people including those related to Yamasa and the construction of the plant, deputy town mayor of Watari-cho, Tadashi Saito (former mayor) and those who are working at the town hall.

"It's been seven years and four months since the earthquake," the deputy town mayor said. "We have finally completed the reconstruction project that represents newly-born Watari-cho, and the local communities are expected to be energized by that. We would like Yamasa to continue the power generation business hear forever."