The CT200h
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A rear view
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The interior
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Toyota Motor Corp announced June 15, 2017, that the company will partially remodel the "CT200h" compact hatchback in the "Lexus" series of luxury cars and release it in the fall of 2017 in Japan.

The new CT200h will be equipped with an emergency automatic braking system that can detect pedestrians as a standard feature. Specifically, it will come with the "Lexus Safety System +" safe driving support system. It features not only the automatic braking function but also (1) a lane departure warning function, (2) function to keep a certain distance from a preceding vehicle, (3) function to detect the headlamps of an oncoming car with a camera and control the high beams of the user's vehicle.

The Toyota group is making efforts to promote the use of the automatic braking system supporting pedestrians. The system was realized by combining a monocular camera attached to the upper part of the windshield and a milliwave radar device embedded in the front grille.

The system can avoid a collision with a pedestrian when the vehicle speed is about 10-80km/h (approx 6.2-49.7mph) and the relative speed to the pedestrian is about 30km/h or lower. Also, it can avoid a collision with a preceding vehicle when the speed of the user's vehicle is about 10km/h or higher and the relative speed to the preceding vehicle is about 40km/h or lower.

The Lexus Safety System improves not only safety but also convenience at the time of driving. Toyota increased the screen size of its car navigation system from 7.0 to 10.3 inches so that information such as route guidance can be more easily viewed.

The price of the new CT200h has not been set yet, but the price of the current CT200h ranges from ¥3,662,000 (approx US$32,638) to 4,608,000.