Firms in Yamaguchi Prefecture Cooperate in Developing Solar-powered Hydrogen Station

2017/07/01 16:03
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Choshu Industry's facilities to test the "Solar Hydrogen i Power Station (SHiPS)" (source: Choshu Industry)
The facilities (source: Choshu Industry)

The government of Yamaguchi Prefecture announced June 23, 2017, that it has established the "Subsidy for Supporting the Development of Hydrogen Supply Chain Technologies" for fiscal 2017 in the aim of activating the hydrogen-related industry in the prefecture and adopted a project of a corporate group that consists of 13 companies based in the prefecture and is led by Choshu Industry Co Ltd (Sanyo-Onoda City).

The adopted project, "Development of Innovative Renewable Energy-derived Hydrogen Station Package Products," is aimed at developing a renewable energy-derived hydrogen station that has a filing pressure of 70MPa and can fill fuel-cel vehicles (FCV) with hydrogen. It will be compact, low in cost, large in capacity and equipped with an information disclosure cloud and a function to respond to a disaster.

Thus far, Choshu Industry has developed facilities to test the "Solar Hydrogen i Power Station (SHiPS)" hydrogen station. It had a ceremony to celebrate the opening of the facilities March 27, 2017.

At normal times, the facilities produce CO2-free hydrogen by using solar power and supply it to FCVs. In an emergency, they function as a shelter and supply electricity generated by using stored hydrogen. In the adopted project, the company will use knowhow obtained through the operation of the facilities.

Choshu Industry (representative), Hitachi Plant Mechanics Co Ltd (Kudamatsu City), Matsuda-Metal (Shunan City) and Ecomas Co Ltd (Ube City) will form a development group, and nine companies based in the prefecture manufacture members and parts. The subsidy rate is 2/3 or less, and the amount of the subsidy is ¥100 million (approx US$889,442) or less per year (up to two years).