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5MW Solar Plant Built on 26-degree Sloping Dam Wall (page 4)

Slope specialists hired for construction

2016/06/21 15:21
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Light-weight aluminum mounting systems alleviate work load significantly

One of the benefits of this construction was the adoption of aluminum mounting systems. With steel mounting systems, each of such components as rails and posts is heavy and requires two workers to transport them even on flat land. The adoption of aluminum mounting systems allowed workers to carry components alone, reducing their work load and time. According to Novac, this effect was significant.

The aluminum mounting systems were designed to hold their rails at 26°, exactly the same as the slopes, when assembled (Fig. 8). After the foundations were completed, arrays within a range of about 50m were set as one group, and the height of mounting system posts was adjusted using temporary clasps and staking (a string-based method to confirm the position of a structure). As a result, the plant realized a layout where solar panels are orderly arrayed while slight undulations on the dam body surface are absorbed by the mounting systems.

Fig. 8: Rails were designed to tilt by 26 degrees, the same as the slopes. Height adjustment of the mounting system posts. (source: Novac)

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