"Seven-Eleven Sagamihara Hashimotodai 1-Chome Store" (source: Seven-Eleven Japan)
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Solar power generation systems were installed on the road, carport and roof. (source: Seven-Eleven Japan)
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Seven-Eleven Japan Co Ltd opened a store that can meet half of its power demand with renewable energy for a verification test May 22, 2018.

The store, "Seven-Eleven Sagamihara Hashimotodai 1-Chome Store" (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan), can generate about half of the power consumed by it by using solar panels installed on a road, roof and carport.

Seven-Eleven Japan received proposals to use technologies and facilities having themes of "reduction of environmental load," "improvement of work environment" and "creation of comfortable stores" from companies that represent various fields in and outside Japan. And Seven-Eleven Japan employed 90 kinds of technologies owned by 50 companies.

Seven-Eleven Japan continued to use 15 kinds of technologies that have been verified at "Seven-Eleven Chiyoda Niban-cho Store," which was opened for a verification test in December 2017. The company made improvements to 24 kinds of technologies and newly employed 51 kinds of technologies. Especially, it adopted many new technologies to promote the "reduction of environmental load" and enabled to supply about 46% of the power consumed at the store with renewable energy that is produced without emitting CO2 at all.

As a major technology, Seven-Eleven Japan installed the "Wattway by Colas" road surface-type solar power generation system of Colas, which is affiliated with Bouygues (France-based major construction firm). The Wattway by Colas was also set up at the Chiyoda Niban-cho Store. It was installed in 201.6m2 of area, which accounts for about half of the parking lot, and is expected to generate about 16,145kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to 9.1% of the power consumption of the Sagamihara Hashimotodai 1-Chome Store, per year.