A see-through model of the EV developed by Xing Mobility. A front view.
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The motor connected to each drive shaft
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The Li-ion battery of the EV
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Xing Mobility, a Taiwan-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, exhibited the concept model of a two-seat electric sports car.

It is equipped with four motors connected to the front and rear (right and left) drive shafts. This time, it did not have outer panels, but Xing Mobility plans to show a complete concept model within 2017. The company aims to realize a vehicle that has a maximum speed of 217km/h (approx 31mph) and can accelerate to 100km/h (from zero) in 2.0 seconds.

The maximum output and maximum torque of each motor are 250kW and 430N·m, respectively. It is possible to turn a car around by "torque vectoring," which makes a difference between torques applied to right and left wheels by controlling the rotation of each motor. Xing Mobility prevented the vehicle from moving outward at the time of making a turn and realized a swift movement.

The EV concept comes with a 52kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. Its battery pack consists of 4,200 cells, and 100 modules, each of which consists of 42 cells, are located under the seats, etc. The battery cell is "18650" (diameter: 18mm, length: 65.0mm), which is also used for the "Model S" of Tesla Inc.

"While Tesla's cars are focused on mass production, our cars are produced in small quantity with a focus on performance," said Royce yc Hong, CEO of Xing Mobility. "We will sell it by highlighting its driving performance."

The concept car measures 4,000 (L) x 1,800 (W) x 1,300mm (H). Its wheel base and mass are 2,950mm and 1,500kg, respectively.

The car was exhibited at 2017 Taipei Ampa & Auto Tronics Taipei, a trade show on parts of cars and motorbikes, which took place from April 19 to 22, 2017, at Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC). At the trade show, about 1,200 automakers/auto parts manufacturers based in and outside Taiwan showed their products and latest technologies.