The booth looks like a large telephone booth.
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Inside the booth, there are a desk, chair, LCD display and power outlets. Also, wireless LAN is available.
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Fuji Xerox Co Ltd and Tokyo Metro Co Ltd will provide one-person office spaces on the premises of subway stations for a verification test.

The office space looks like a telephone booth and is for white-collar workers who need to do teleworking. The companies expect that the spaces enable those workers to effectively use their travel time.

In the test, box-type booths will be placed on the premises of the stations. Each box contains a desk (for one person) and chair and is equipped with an LCD display, power outlets and charge-free wireless LAN.

Because it is a personal space, the user can not only focus on his/her work but also make phone calls and documents without worrying about information leakage. User information needs to be registered in advance, and a reservation is made by using a smartphone, personal computer, etc.

Usage time can be set in units of 15 minutes. And the booth is unlocked with a smartphone.

The verification test will take place from June 2018 to the end of September 2018. Fuji Xerox and Tokyo Metro will examine user needs and check the usability of the facilities (in the booth) and the reservation system.

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