An image of solar sharing (source: PVDP)
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Ukujima (source: PVDP)
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Tono City (source: PVDP)
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Photovolt Development Partners (PVDP) GmbH announced that it has obtained a permission to connect eight solar power plants (total output: 1,913MW) to power grids in Japan.

PVDP, a Germany-based solar power generation project developer, made this announcement on its website.

In Japan, PVDP is developing mega (large-scale) solar projects including a 430MW plant in Ukujima, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, 600MW plant in Tono City, Iwate Prefecture, 500MW plant in Yokohama-machi, Aomori Prefecture, 39MW plant on a former golf course in Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture, 155MW plant in Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, and 50MW plant on a former golf course in Kawanishi-machi, Yamagata Prefecture. On the website, the company referred to two more projects. And the total output of the eight projects is 1,913MW (1.913GW).

If they are realized, the projects in Ukujima, Tono City and Yokohama-machi will have much higher outputs than the 230MW solar power plant being constructed on the site of the former Kinkai Salt Farm in Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture, and will be the largest-scale solar power plants in Japan.

Some were afraid that the project in Ukujima might be discontinued when Kyushu Electric Power Co Inc stopped accepting grid connection applications in October 2014. However, in November 2015, PVDP announced that it had received an approval to connect the plant to a power grid from Kyushu Electric Power. The company has been making steady progress toward the realization of the project, saying, "With this approval, we will enter the technical stage at which solar power generation facilities, high-voltage direct-current submarine cables and auxiliary middle- and high-voltage systems will be installed in Ukujima."