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Town Runs 14MW Solar Plant on Farmland in Fukushima

'GK-TK scheme' employed by local government

2018/04/21 18:48
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Labo
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Naraha-machi (town) in Fukushima Prefecture is located at the center of the Hamadori District, and the Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is located in the town. A huge tsunami 10.5-m high struck the town after the massive magnitude-6 earthquake March 11, 2011, killing 13 residents. All residents of the town were evacuated following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station on March 12, the following day.

'50% of original residents moving back into the town' is within sight

The evacuation order that covered the entire town was lifted Sept 5, 2015, four and a half years after the disaster. The public housing for the victims of the disaster (Hitotsuya District) was completed in March 2016, six months after the lifting of the evacuation order. Construction of the Namikura Mega Solar Power Plant, a mega (large-scale) solar power plant with an output of about 14MW, was started in the same month.

Elementary schools and junior high schools in the town were reopened in April 2017, and the Namikura Mega Solar Power Plan" started operation on November 1 of the same year. The living environment and industries of the town are steadily being restored (Fig. 1 & 2).

Fig. 1: An aerial photo of the main site of the "Namikura Mega Solar Power Plant." The Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Plant is seen to the north of the plant. (source: A.P. Asset Management)

Fig. 2: The main site of the "Namikura Mega Solar Power Plant" (source: Nikkei BP)

As of the end of February 2018, more than 30% of the original residents have moved back into the town. The town expects that more than 50% of the original residents will be living in the town in the near future after the temporary housing in Iwaki City is closed in April.