SGET also started undertaking activities to vitalize the local community. The company sponsored "Inzai Smile Marathon," which commemorates the 20th anniversary of Inzai City's municipalization, Feb 12, 2017. The marathon course was set along the mega-solar plant, and the event provided the runners with the chance to see the power plant being constructed (Fig. 11).

Fig. 11: SGET sponsored "Inzai Smile Marathon." (source: SGET)

SGET organizes a community-minded event called the "Kodomo Energy Summit" for elementary and junior high school students living near its solar power plants. In this event, the company's employees play the roles of teachers and masters of ceremony and explain about energy, while the children tour the mega-solar plants. Such an event is also planned for the Chiba New Town Mega Solar Power Plant after its completion.

To highlight 'an advanced country in renewable energy' at Tokyo Olympic Games

In December 2016, Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced it had financed and loaned money to the SGET Chiba New Town Mega Solar Power Plant as a "Public-Private Partnership Renewable Energy Fund" project.

This fund is run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the aim of promoting the large-scale penetration and adoption of renewable energy in Tokyo, and is managed by companies including Sparx Asset Management Co Ltd (Minato-ku, Tokyo), an investment management company affiliated with SGET. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp is scheduled to finance this mega-solar plant.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, many foreigners will visit Tokyo using the Skyliner. The solar panels arrayed across 10km, which the visitors will see from the train, will be a great opportunity to demonstrate Japan's attitude to tackle renewable energy after overcoming the Great East Japan Earthquake.

When visiting the SGET Chiba New Town Mega Solar Power Plant, Tokyo Metropolitan Government's fund staff greatly appreciated such a prominent PR effect of a "mega-solar plant along a railway."

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