Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT) announced a technology to use a wristwatch-like wearable device and estimate what the wearer has eaten without using photos.

The technology, "Dietary Content Recognition Technology," was announced at NTT R&D Forum 2017, a private event that the company had from Feb 16 to 17, 2017, in Tokyo. The new technology enables to easily keep a diet record without inputting data by hand or taking pictures.

With the new technology, to estimate dietary contents, the acceleration sensor, gyroscope, etc of the wristwatch-like wearable device attached to the user's dominant arm are used to analyze the movements of the arm. For example, an arm moves differently with bread and sushi.

Data on arm movement are arranged in time series, and the amount of each extracted characteristic is considered as one movement. Based on the appearance frequency of each movement, dietary contents are estimated.

In a demonstration, a beef bowl, sushi and bread were distinguished by using the new technology. According to NTT, it is also possible to distinguish curry and pasta.

"The estimation of the dietary contents of set meals is a future challenge," NTT Docomo Inc said.

In addition, NTT plans to examine, for example, how much accuracy is required for the technology by conducting a market research.