The Sony group (Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp, Sony Electronics Inc and Sony LSI Design Inc) developed an image sensor that enables to shoot clear video with a resolution of full HD or higher while drastically reducing power consumption.

The group announced the image sensor at International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 2018, an international conference on semiconductor integrated circuit technologies. It targets the sensor at, for example, battery-powered IoT cameras used for monitoring.

The developed image sensor (source: ISSCC)

The specifications of the image sensor (source: ISSCC)

The size of the image sensor is 1/4 inch, which is equivalent to the size of image sensors for mobile devices. Its pixel count is 2,560 (horizontal) x 1,536 (vertical) or about 3.93 million. It can shoot video with a brightness of 1-64,000lx. It has a two-layered structure and consists of (1) a backside-illuminated image sensor (upper layer) and (2) a circuit part including an image signal processor (ISP) (lower layer).

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