"Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel" is a resort hotel located near the south end of Lake Biwa in northern Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan (Fig. 1). The lakeside hotel attracts people with the beautiful reflection of mountains on the lake and the abundant surrounding nature.

Fig. 1: Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel (source: Mori Trust)

Located next to this hotel is the "Mori Trust Energy Park Lake Biwa," a mega- (large-scale) solar power plant with a solar panel capacity of about 2MW and a PV inverter capacity of 1.990MW (Fig. 2). Four years have passed since this power plant began operation in December 2014.

Fig. 2: Mega-solar plant adjacent to hotel (source: Mori Trust)

The Mori Trust Group also owns land around the hotel and leveraged many of the unused areas in it as the mega-solar site. The power producer is Mori Trust Co Ltd.

Mori Trust developed the "Mori Trust Energy Park Izumizaki" with a total output of 10MW at another location before constructing this solar plant.

Along with the efficient use of energy, the utilization of renewable energy is a major challenge for the Mori Trust Group even in its mainstay urban building-related business. The group is proactively adopting an independent system that combines solar power generation and batteries in the buildings it has developed and operates in Tokyo and other urban areas.

When using solar power generation in such urban buildings, the Mori Trust Group has made the best use of the experience and knowledge it has accumulated in mega-solar development and operation.