TNSC to Power Fuel-cell Forklifts With 'Solar Hydrogen'

2019/03/16 12:44
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp (TNSC) will engage in a project for installing an on-site CO2-free hydrogen filling system using renewable energy at its Kawasaki Mizue Office (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and operating fuel-cell forklifts in the office.

This was announced March 12, 2019. Electricity will be generated with solar panels installed on the roof of the office. And the electricity will be used to generate hydrogen by using a water-electrolysis hydrogen generation unit. Then, the hydrogen will be used as a power source for the fuel-cell forklifts in the office.

The total output of the solar panels will be 60kW. The capacities of the water-electrolysis hydrogen generation unit and hydrogen compressor are both 6Nm3/h. The number of fuel-cell forklifts that can be continuously charged is five.

TNSC is currently selecting a manufacturer of solar power generation (PV) systems. The company will make a lease contract for fuel-cell forklifts for which Toyota L&F Kanagawa Co Ltd received subsidies from the Ministry of the Environment's "Project to Promote the Use of Fuel-cell Industrial Vehicles, Etc for Realizing Hydrogen Society" and Kanagawa Prefecture.

TNSC will build a renewable energy-based hydrogen station because the project was selected for the "Subsidy for Projects to Reduce CO2 Emissions, Etc for Fiscal 2019 (Project to Promote the Use of Low-carbon Social Infrastructures Using Renewable Energy, Project to Introduce Local Renewable Energy-based Hydrogen Stations)," for which the Ministry of the Environment called for proposals from the public. It is scheduled to be completed in December 2019.

With the "Kawasaki Hydrogen Strategy for Realizing Hydrogen Society," which Kawasaki City is promoting, the system will be established as a model of medium-scale on-site filling station. The project will be used to contribute to CO2 reduction, expand the use of hydrogen in local communities and improve social receptivity.