The new FCV
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The frame structure of the new platform
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The "Clarity Fuel Cell" fuel-cell vehicle (FCV), of which Honda Motor Co Ltd started lease sale March 10, 2016, in Japan, comes with a new platform designed for electric vehicles.

The new FCV is equipped with components that engine-powered vehicles do not have such as a hydrogen tank and a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery for driving the vehicle. Therefore, Honda employed a structure that protects those components from impacts at the time of a collision, etc.

For the platform, Honda formed a sub-frame in the rear part to efficiently absorb collision energy at the rear end. Also, the company used a structure that connects the front side frame and sub-frame, the main frame and the rear side frame and sub-frame in a line to improve shock absorption.

The Li-ion battery stored under the central part of the floor is protected by the main frame. The hydrogen tank is located under the floor below the rear seats (and in the front area of the trunk) and protected by the main frame and the rear sub-frame.