The "Clarity Fuel Cell" fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) of which Honda started lease sale and Honda President Takahiro Hachigou
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A cutaway model
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Honda Motor Co Ltd started lease sale of the "Clarity Fuel Cell" fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) March 10, 2016.

It is the first sedan-type FCV that has realized an interior space large enough for five adults by storing the power train under the front hood. Its drive range is about 750km (approx 466 miles) under the JC08 test mode. With a tank capacity of 141L, 5.0kg of hydrogen (filling pressure: 70MPa) can be used for driving the vehicle.

In the case that the vehicle is sold, its reference price starts from ¥7,660,000 (approx US$67,299). It is the second commercially-available FCV, following Toyota Motor Corp's Mirai FCV.

Honda expects to lease about 200 units of the Clarity Fuel Cell in fiscal 2016. And it plans to collect users' opinions and check how the vehicle is used. Asked about sale of the vehicle to individuals, Honda Executive Sho Minekawa said, "We will start it after slightly more than a year." When a reporter asked a question about the possibility of developing a fuel-cell SUV (sport utility vehicle), etc, Honda President Takahiro Hachigou said, "It is still under consideration, but we want to develop various cars powered by fuel cells."

For the Clarity Fuel Cell, Honda employed a newly-developed platform. The platform has a frame structure integrating the front and rear parts for the protection of components and the improvement of the interior space's shock resistance.