"We learned that, even when each company individually submits a petition to the government, our demands are not listened to," Higashibara said. "So, we found it crucial to have an industry group that can summarize opinions of solar power producers and make proposals."

Based on this common understanding, they had been preparing for the establishment of JSEC.

At the ceremony to celebrate the establishment, Higashibara announced the following three principles behind activities. First, JSEC aims to spread, develop and sustain renewable energy across nations, regions, power sources and businesses. Second, it will propose policies for using renewable energy as a main power source by assembling knowledge and intelligence from all over the world. Third, it will make the general public know that the social benefits of renewable energy are S + 3E (safety + environment, economic efficiency and energy security).

JSEC will have study meetings on a regular basis and make proposals concerning renewable energy policies by, for example, collecting opinions from renewable energy-based power producers.

As an industry group for solar power generation, there has already been Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA). But its directors are mostly major Japanese solar panel manufactures such as Solar Frontier KK, Kaneka Corp, Kyocera Corp, Panasonic Corp and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. So, it is practically a congregation of companies that manufacture and install solar power generation systems.

When METI announced the measures against long-term unoperated projects in October 2018, JPEA was not able to fully understand their impact and summarized opinions by sending questionnaires to power producers.