The ceremony to celebrate the establishment of JSEC (source: Nikkei BP)
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Japan Sustainable Energy Council (JSEC, a general incorporated association) was established as an industry group of solar power producers Feb 27, 2019.

At the time of the inauguration, the number of supporters was about 140 (businesses and individuals). And Takayuki Higashibara of Yamasa (Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture) became the representative director of JSEC. The office of the association is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

A ceremony to celebrate the establishment of JSEC took place Feb 28, 2019, in Tokyo. In the ceremony, (1) Koichi Tani (a member of the House of Representatives, the chairperson of the Committee of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)), (2) Akihiko Mihara (a member of the House of Representatives, a member of the Committee of Economy, Trade and Industry, the LDP), (3) Tatsuro Sagawa (deputy director, the Office of Recycling Promotion, the Ministry of the Environment), etc took the podium and delivered congratulatory addresses.

Also, Yoshiaki Harada (the Minister of the Environment) and Takuya Yamazaki (the New Energy Section of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)) sent video messages for the ceremony.

The establishment of JSEC was triggered by the new measures against "long-term unoperated projects" that METI announced in October 2018. Because the measures have a great impact on solar power plants that have already started to be constructed, solar power producers voluntarily gathered in the Lower House Diet Members' Office Buildings, etc, exchanged opinions and formed written opinions. And the participants became members of the parent organization of JSEC.