Ciel Terre Sets Up 3 Floating Solar Plants in Nara

2019/03/06 16:03
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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The 497kW floating solar power plant (source: Ciel Terre Japan)
The 808kW plant (source: Ciel Terre Japan)
The 503kW plant (source: Ciel Terre Japan)

Ciel Terre Japan KK built three floating solar power plants in Tenri City, Nara Prefecture, Japan, and started to sell electricity generated at the plants.

Ciel Terre Japan (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is a Japanese subsidiary of Ciel & Terre Group, which is a France-based major manufacturer of floating mounting systems for solar power plants.

The solar panel capacities of the three plants are 497kW, 808kW and 503kW, respectively. For the construction of the three plants, Ciel Terre Japan rented land from Tenri City. The solar panel and PV inverter employed for the plants are products of China-based Longi Solar and Germany-based SMA Solar Technology, respectively.