Strength of civil engineering company reflected in defective panel indication

The knowhow obtained through use of drones in the civil engineering business is effectively utilized to indicate the positions of defective solar panels.

Positions of panels with high defect potential and types of estimated defects are indicated, using aerial temperature distribution images, on a ground plan of the solar power plant. This is known as the "ortho-mosaic image" and positions of defective panels and types of defects are understood at a glance (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2: Ortho-mosaic images frequently used in civil engineering field (source: Shoken)

Ortho-mosaic images are frequently used in the civil engineering field, according to the company. Displacement between many aerial images is eliminated and panels are displayed in correct sizes and positions without tilting, like a map seen from directly above. Aerial images shot by drones are processed using point cloud processing software called "SfM" to create the views.

In the solar panel inspection using drones by the company, positional numbers of arrays (units for fixing solar panels on mounting systems), counted from the northern end of the power plant, are written on the ortho-mosaic image and positions of panels with high defect potential and types of defects are displayed in different colors (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3: Positions of defective panels and types of defects displayed on "ortho-mosaic image" (source: Shoken)

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