The "Concept Future S" compact SUV concept developed by Maruti Suzuki

"I was impressed by the fact that Maruti can realize this quality by itself," an engineer of a Japanese manufacturer said in front of a concept car Feb 7, 2018, when Auto Expo 2018 (the largest motor show in India) opened for concerned parties.

What surprised the engineer was the "Concept Future S" concept SUV (sport utility vehicle), which was developed by Maruti Suzuki India, an Indian subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corp.

"We have succeeded in defining the design of a next-generation compact car," said Kenichi Ayukawa, president of Maruti Suzuki.

He said that 75% of the vehicles sold in the Indian market are compact cars, in which Maruti Suzuki has expertise as an industry leader. However, most of those compact cars are low-priced. So, the company developed the concept car with an enhanced design, considering developing a higher-priced car based on it in the future.

Maruti Suzuki President Kenichi Ayukawa (right)