Continued from Assembly of 'Aibo' Robot Dog (11)

We have almost finished the assembly of the aibo's leg and started to put together the part below the knee. Specifically, the shin will be connected to the assembled thigh. The Sony engineer does not look tired and continued to do the work.

A gray exterior is attached to the front and rear sides of the knee with a snap.

The right and left legs were opened to attach parts below the knee.

The relay board connecting the parts above and below the knee. A PCB stretching from the single-axis actuator of the knee is connected to the pads at the tow.

A thin, long "bone" part is used to connect the knee and the ankle.

The bone is being fixed with screws.

A black plastic part is put on it. The tightening torque of each screw was decided based on the location and the type of screw, according to Sony.

The plastic part fixed with screws