Continued from Assembly of 'Aibo' Robot Dog (8)

In the latter half of the assembly of the aibo's head, we will attach a camera, ToF sensor, OLED panel modules (eyes), etc. This time, we were impressed by Sony's thorough efforts to make screws invisible from the outside.

The assembly of the aibo's head. A module integrating a camera and ToF sensor is attached to the exterior parts of the head.

The module attached and fixed with screws

A plastic part was placed on it and is being fixed with screws.

A module integrating a touch sensor and OLED panel is being attached. Judging from the shape of the touch sensor's electrodes, the detection area consists of the entire parietal region and the ridge of nose. So, strokes can probably be detected in the wide area of the head. The electrodes are separated into eight blocks. So, possibly, strokes on the head can be detected with multi-touch detection.

The module being carefully attached

The module is being fixed with screws. A flexible PCB extends from each of (1) the camera, (2) ToF sensor and (3) module consisting of OLED panel and touch sensor.

The head cover equipped with sensors is attached.

The wiring from the head module is being connected. The wiring from the module integrating the touch sensor and OLED panel is connected to the small PCB (center).