Kyocera's AI-based HEMS Controls PV System, Battery, Heat Pump

2017/02/17 15:57
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Kyocera Corp announced Jan 25, 2017, that it has released a new AI (artificial intelligence)-based HEMS (home energy management system) product.

The HEMS, "NAVIfitz," can automatically control a solar power generation system, power storage system and heat pump water heater (EcoCute).

The AI-based "Omakase (automatic) Operation Mode" of the product realizes automatic control by (1) calculating the amount of power generated by solar panels and the amount of surplus electricity based on weather forecasts and power consumption patterns and (2) making operation plans for the charge/discharge of the power storage system and the EcoCute.

The HEMS realizes more efficient energy use by detecting changes of operation situations in real time and correcting the plans accordingly. The Omakase Operation Mode will be available after a free update scheduled in the summer of 2017 or later.

In addition, the new product comes with (1) the "self-consumption mode", in which solar electricity is consumed in house as much as possible, (2) "solar power sale mode," in which sale of electricity is prioritized and (3) "timer setting mode," in which time slots for controlling each equipment are manually set. They can be selected in accordance with the lifestyle of the user.

The manufacturer's suggested retail prices of the product's main unit and a separately-sold 8-inch monitor are ¥85,000 (approx US$750, excluding tax) and ¥43,000 (excluding tax), respectively.