Nissan Motor Co Ltd showed "Q Inspiration Concept," a concept model of a mid-size sedan of the Infiniti brand, at NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) 2018, which was open to the public from Jan 20 to 28, 2018.

"Q Inspiration Concept," a concept model of a mid-size sedan

The concept car is expected to be equipped with Nissan's "VC Turbo" variable-compression-ratio engine. The engine can freely change compression ratio by continuously changing the position of the piston's top dead center. To increase torque, compression ratio is decreased. To put priority on combustion efficiency, compression ratio is increased.

The variable-compression-ratio engine

The size of the variable-compression-ratio engine can be more easily reduced than the size of the existing engine whose compression ratio is constant, making it possible to reduce the size of the engine compartment and increase interior space.

While the height of the concept car is low and the car looks like a coupe, it has a large interior space. Also, Nissan eliminated unnecessary parts from the interior and created a clean, simple design. The driver and passengers can spend time with comfort in the vehicle, the company said.

The clean, simple interior

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