'Projects an order of magnitude larger is attractive'

TMEIC, one of the largest PV inverter manufacturers in the world, was as active as Miraikikai in the solar related field at ADSW2018.

TMEIC has been exhibiting at ADSW for the past several years consecutively. Until last year, the company exhibited as part of the Japan Pavilion, but they "set up their own booth this year to further improve the level of awareness and to attract more prospects," said Hiroshi Hashiguchi, a Chief Engineer at the Renewable Energy and New Technology Division.

Many EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) service companies in the Middle East are still unfamiliar with their PV inverters, according to the company. They, therefore, wanted to improve the level of awareness among such companies although the company's booth was close to some of their global competitors (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5: The TMEIC booth at the WFES exhibition floor. The company set up their own booth this year. (Picture: Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Institute)

"We have had a good response this time," Hashiguchi said. "We do face a number of difficulties such as differences in the perception of time, tough negotiations, and so on, in the Middle East. On the other hand, each project is becoming large, and the market is still growing rapidly."

In regard to the global PV inverter market, where the competition is becoming fierce, he talked about his aspirations: "We are differentiating our products from our competition by upsizing the products and other measures. The Middle East is attractive because we can handle project with 300MW or 500MW , which are an order of magnitude larger than those in Japan, where projects with several tens of MW are deemed large-scale. The larger solar power plants become, the less manufacturers of PV inverters can deal with them. We would like to steadily win such projects (See related article 2, 3)."

TMEIC attracted attention not only through its booth but also with a lecture at "Solar Expo," a conference event jointly held as part of WFES.

Akira Kawaguchi, Deputy Vice President and Technology Executive at the Renewable Energy and New Technology Division, delivered a presentation titled "More Renewables, More Stable Power and More Energy Savings Contribution of TMEIC Power Electronics Technologies" during a session held at the Solar Theater in the Solar Expo venue.