New Wagon R Can Creep by Using Only Motor

2017/02/15 16:25
Tsunoru Nakashima
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The ISG and Li-ion battery of the new Wagon R's mild hybrid system

For the mild hybrid system of the new "Wagon R," Suzuki Motor Corp increased the maximum output of ISG (integrated starter generator) from 1.6kW/1,000rpm to 2.3kW/1,000rpm and the capacity of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery from 3 to 10Ah.

Suzuki released the new Wagon R Feb 1, 2017. The ISG, battery pack and battery cell are manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corp, Denso Corp and Toshiba Corp, respectively.

As a result, the upper speed limit of motor assistance (up to 30 seconds) by the ISG increased from about 80km/h to 100km/h (approx 63.1mph), enabling creeping only by the motor for up to 10 seconds. Creeping is possible when the vehicle speed is 13km/h or less and neither the accelerator pedal nor the brake pedal is being pressed down as well as when the vehicle starts moving after stopping idling.