Continued from Assembly of 'Aibo' Robot Dog (5)

The assembly of the aibo's jaw has been half completed. This time, an exterior part will be attached to the lower jaw unit, which has already been put together. It will become the lower half of the aibo's head. In this part, four microphones are asymmetrically located. They three-dimensionally detect the directions of voices and recognize the voice of the owner talking to the aibo.

The exterior part becomes the lower half of the aibo's head. There are microphones for voice recognition inside. The microphones are located in the blue areas with transparent plastic parts. The right side of the photo is the front side of the aibo's head. In other words, the aibo has two microphones on the left side of the head and one microphone on the right side. And there is another microphone above the three microphones. The four microphones enable to three-dimensionally detect the direction of voice.

The exterior part equipped with microphones is being attached to the lower jaw unit, which also functions as a structural part.

The exterior part and the lower jaw unit are being fixed with screws.

The (small) flexible PCB is being connected to the microphones. In other words, the PCB processes audio signals from the microphones.

The connection was completed.

The jaw unit is being attached to the neck.

Cables and PCBs in the neck are being inserted into the jaw.