Continued from Assembly of 'Aibo' Robot Dog (4)

The assembly of the aibo entered the next stage: the jaw. It is the lower half of the head. When the jaw is attached to the upper part of the neck, which has already been assembled, a half of the head will be completed.

The jaw contains an actuator that adorably moves the mouth of the aibo as well as four microphones that detect voices cast at the aibo by the owner and surrounding people and the directions of voices. So, the jaw is an unexpectedly important part.

The components of the aibo's jaw. The number of components is much smaller, compared with the neck. When the "jaw" is combined with the neck, it becomes the lower half of the head.

The jaw unit. It is a black structural part integrated with a single-axis actuator. The white part is the lower jaw of the aibo and contains a touch sensor. The small PCB (center) is a driver board that drives the single-axis actuator for moving the right and left ears, and the PCB is equipped with a control microcomputer, motor driver chip, etc. The motor of the single-axis actuator can be seen under the PCB.

A side view of the lower jaw unit. The relationship between the actuator and the lower jaw containing a touch sensor can be seen.