Continued from Assembly of 'Aibo' Robot Dog (1)

For putting together the neck of the aibo, it was necessary to embed actuators to (1) move the head up and down, (2) turn the head to the right and left, (3) nod and (4) tilt the head to the right and left. Also, many signal lines needed to be laid out from the head to the control board located in the body.

The head of the new aibo contains actuators to move its ears and mouth in addition to many sensors and OLED "eyes." Because of that, the number of signal lines running through the neck is as many as 90.

A plastic part (right) equipped with a small PCB being attached to the collar. The black part attached to the small PCB is a tact switch, which functions as the power button of the aibo.

The attached plastic part. The cable sticking out is connected to a power switch board.

The collar and the plastic part being fixed with screws. The elaborate gear mechanism meshes with a white gear attached to the three-axis actuator unit and transmits the rotational position of the gear.