The structure of the new spinning top
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NSK Micro Precision Co Ltd developed a spinning top with a stability improved by using precise bearings.

The top can spin for about eight minutes even on a corrugated surface. It is a "throwing top," which spins after being wound with a string and thrown off.

The top is equipped with bearings that are used for yo-yos, etc, and the main body spins separately from the axis (only the main body spins). Therefore, a frictional force is not transmitted from the surface (ground) to the main body, and the top can stably spin even on a corrugated surface or a finger.

The axis and main body of a normal top are integrated and spin together, and the friction of the tip of the axis stops the rotation of the entire top. Such a top can spin on a corrugated surface for two to three minutes, according to NSK.

The price of the new product is ¥16,800 (approx US$152, including tax). It is sold through Soloham Co Ltd, which sells yo-yos, kendamas (cup and ball), etc.

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