Panasonic Corp developed the "ePowertrain Platform" driving system (electric power train) for electric vehicles (EVs) and exhibited it at CES 2018.

It consists of "Power Supply System Part" and "Driving Part" (motor). The Power Supply System Part consists of an (1) in-vehicle charger (AC-DC converter), (2) DC-DC converter, (3) inverter for driving the motor and (4) junction box that distributes power and controls power paths at the time of driving/regeneration.

The new driving system is expected to be used for compact EVs called "commuter" and mild-hydrid vehicles (MHEVs) using a 48V system. The output of the motor is several kilowatts.

The exhibition of the driving system

The new system. Panasonic will start production from the Power Supply System Part, which does not include the motor.

The Power Supply System Part can support not only Panasonic's motors but also various motors. The company plans to start production of the Power Supply System Part in 2018.

For EVs, Panasonic has developed batteries, in-vehicle chargers, film capacitors, DC-DC converters, etc so far. But this is the first time that the company has commercialized a "system" integrating multiple components. Also, in the past, it exhibited prototyped inverter modules.

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