With help from an engineer from Sony Corp, Nikkei Technology Online "Assembly" Squad put together the new "aibo" robot dog.

The components of the aibo. To save time, some components were assembled in advance (e.g. front legs and a left rear leg). Also, printed circuit boards (PCBs) had already been mounted in the body and the head.

Components were placed on trays, and small parts were stored in plastic cups.

The components of the neck. Four axes of actuators are embedded in the neck to (1) move (shake) the head up and down, (2) turn the head to the right and left (rotation), (3) nod and (4) tilt the head to the right and left. The two black parts (lower right) are actuators. The smaller one is a single-axis actuator and used to move the head up and down. The larger one is used for the remaining three movements (three axes). The three axes cross at right angles like Fleming's left hand rule.

A gear (white part) was inserted into a unit integrating three axes of actuators. The gear is used to detect the rotational position at the time of turning the head to the right and left.

The attached gear