Livestock farmers to grow pasture grass to feed calves

The breeding of calves for meat is thriving. (source: Kyocera)

According to the project plan, while the power producer will sell power and do farming, local livestock farmers will do actual farm work.

A company that is responsible for land management rents farmland and abandoned farmland in Ukujima from land owners and lends it to the power producer. The company might also function as an agricultural corporation.

The power producer will give money for helping the agriculture to the land management company, which will use the money for entrusting the agriculture to local livestock farmers.

Under the solar panels, pasture grass is planned to be grown. The livestock farmers will grow pasture grass and use it for feeding cattle raised for meat. The breeding of calves for meat is the main industry in Ukujima. The power producer sells pasture grass to livestock farmers at low prices.

With such a business scheme, the project is aimed at contributing to the development of Ukujima in terms of both agriculture and power generation.

Kyudenko will provide EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) and O&M (operation and maintenance) services for the plant. In the previous (Photovolt's) plan, Kyudenko and Kyocera planned to jointly provide the services.

For the plant, Kyocera's polycrystalline silicon solar panel was employed. About 1,650,000 panels are scheduled to be installed. The suppliers of PV inverters and mounting systems designed for solar sharing have not been decided yet.

The method of tracking the sun by rotating the shafts used to fix solar panels (in addition to the method of fixing the installation angle) is being increasingly employed for agricultural solar power plants. In the project in Ukujima, the fixed type seems to be employed.

The agricultural solar power plant in Ukujima is expected to generate about 515,000MWh of electricity per year. The power is scheduled to be transmitted to mainland Kyushu by laying a submarine cable with a length of about 64km and sold to Kyushu Electric Power Co Inc. Furukawa Electric, which newly joined the project, will engage mainly in laying the submarine cable.