Total investment of about 200 bln yen

The project (source: Kyocera)

Based on the new framework, the right of the project is transferred from Photovolt to Ukujima Future Energy Holdings GK, a special purpose company (SPC) established in December 2017. The SPC restarts it as a new project.

The power producer of the plant is Ukujima Future Energy GK, a subsidiary of the SPC. The SPC was invested in by Kyudenko, Kyocera, SPCG, Tokyo Century, Furukawa Electric and Tsuboi.

SPCG and Tokyo Century have a close relationship with Kyocera in regard to the development and operation of solar power plants. Tokyo Century and Kyocera jointly developed many mega (large-scale) solar power plants.

SPCG developed and runs many solar power plants in Thailand, and Kyocera supplied solar panels for many of them. Moreover, in Japan, SPCG is engaged in the solar project (output: about 30MW) that Kyocera and Tokyo Century are jointly developing in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan (See related article 3).

The total investment in the project in Ukujima is estimated to be about ¥200 billion (approx US$1.84 billion), which is about ¥50 billion higher than originally planned. On the other hand, the capital of the SPC, etc were not disclosed.