Mitsubishi Motors' "i-MiEV"
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A rear view
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Mitsubishi Motors Corp partially remodeled the "i-MiEV" four-seat electric vehicle (EV) at the end of December 2016.

This time, the company replaced a three-level regenerative braking system, which generates electricity with a motor by using the rotation of tires at the time of deceleration, with a six-level system. The new system enables to change the strength of regenerative braking in accordance with the traveling state, the driver's taste, etc.

The price of the new i-MiEV starts from ¥2,273,400 (approx US$20,103).

In the case of the previous model of the i-MiEV, the strength of the regenerative braking system can be set at three different levels by using a shift lever. On the other hand, for the new system, paddle shift switches are used to change the strength of regenerative braking.

The six-level regenerative braking system using paddle shift switches is also used for Mitsubishi Motors' "Outlander PHEV." And, this time, the same system was employed for the i-MiEV.

The switches are fixed on the vehicle, not on the steering wheel, and, therefore, not suited for operation at the time of steering. The current level of the strength is displayed as a figure (from 0 to 5) on the instrument panel.