Denso Corp developed a head-up display (HUD) that shows information necessary for driving a car through the windshield of a light car.

The HUD was employed as an option for Suzuki Motor Corp's new "Spacia" released Dec 14, 2017.

The HUD showing information on a windshield (source: Denso)

With an HUD, the driver of a car does not have to move his/her eyeballs much. As a technology that contributes to safe driving, the use of HUDs is expected to increase. However, there are issues such as the securement of installation space and high cost, and they have so far been employed mainly for luxury cars.

The new HUD "clearly, understandably and timely" shows information necessary for driving a car such as the (1) operation status of advanced safety equipment such as collision warning system, (2) intersection guidance information and (3) "no entry" signs that can be easily overlooked.

Denso pursued an optimal design for windshields and reduced the number of parts. As a result, it became possible to install the HUD in the limited space of the instrument panel of a light car.

Data shown by the HUD (source: Denso)

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