Hikari Aizuma, a character directed/designed by Taro Minoboshi (cartoonist), is saying, "Welcome home," to the user. (source: Vinclu)
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The Gatebox can turn on/off a TV. (source: Vinclu)
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It is as large as a coffee maker. (source: Vinclu)
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Vinclu Inc developed a concept model of a device that displays a virtual character in a cylindrical case.

The device, "Gatebox," gives a feeling of living with a favorite character, said Vinclu, which plans and develops IoT (Internet of Things)-related products.

The Gatebox uses video projection technologies and various sensors. When the user comes home, a projected character says, "Welcome home." When the user finishes taking a bath, it turns on a TV. In the morning, it wakes up the user by saying, "Good morning," and gives weather forecast for the day.

"The Gatebox is an epoch-making robot and realizes an over-the-dimension communal life with a character that previously existed on the other side of the screen, which is a dream of all geeks," Vinclu said.

The company claims that the device can display a robot in accordance with the tastes of each user.

Vinclu plans to improve the performance of the device with a view to commercialization, and it intends to start to accept pre-orders through cloud funding in the fall of 2016. Also, the company will put more efforts into recruiting hardware and software engineers. For this purpose, it raised about ¥90 million (approx US$769,691).

In regard to the type of applicant that Vinclu wants to employ, it mentioned "hardware engineers who have been engaged in the development of home appliances and personal computers at major manufacturers and software engineers who want to tackle issues in the field of IoT."

The fund was raised through third-party allocation of shares to Incubate Fund, Primal Capital and iSG Investment Works Inc and by taking loans from various financial institutions.